Enabling zlib / gzinflate with php 5.3?

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Is there a php module I can enable for zlib? Do I need to compile php --with-zlib from scratch? Or is there some other configuration I need to tweak?



The zlib module should be loaded by default in our PHP 5.3 distribution. Something weird is going on if it isn’t.


Something weird is definitely going on then, it’s giving this when I browse to the default “fat-free framework” index.php:

Internal Server Error
Fatal error: Call to undefined function gzdeflate()

If I edit that index.php to simply echo phpversion(); it displays 5.3.5


I took a look at your account, and your domain is using a custom PHP launcher script (php-wrapper.fcgi) with a php.ini that doesn’t include the necessary “extension=zlib.so” line to load zlib.

I’d strongly recommend that you remove that and use ~/.php/5.3/phprc to customize your PHP interpreter instead.


Thank you Andrew! I very much appreciate the help.