Enabling SSL for personal use

I do alot of the administrative stuff through the website and I wanted to protect it. But i don’t have a dedicated ip for the website, nor do I have an ‘official’ certificate. I just wanted to use the default certificate and key file just to add a little more protection when i’m doing stuff online. So is there a way to get ssl support enabled on a shared ip with a ‘fake’ certificate?

another option I had was getting it setup on my home computer. That would at least help protect the information traveling from a sometimes public network to my home, but the transmission from their to dh would not be protected.

Or is there some other way that I could do it? Like a program that uses PGP or something and creates a connection between the website and client.

Todd Eddy

Well using an SSH tunnel is the cheap and dirty way.

Another option would be to sign up for a VPN account, which will encrypt all traffic between you and us.

Setting up fake certs wouldn’t be hard from a technical standpoint, but there are some non-technical issues that make it unlikely we’ll offer the ability to do this anytime soon.