Enabling Public Downloads?


I feel like I’m missing something extremely basic - I’ve got files successfully uploaded to my FTP server, and am linking to them through my website, but users are being told they need a password to access the files. For instance:


So, very simple - what do I need to turn on to make this sort of link accessible to public users?


You can’t. I’d make that an http:// link and that can either play in their browser when clicked, or they can right click to download (Save Link As…). The link you have has a redundant mindslikeknives.com in the path, but even paring that out didn’t get it to work for me. To keep things sane, I recommend that directories and filenames use lower case only, and no spaces.

FTP won’t work because your website is already assigned to an FTP user (you). If you want to set up anonymous FTP, you’d need a dedicated IP address which costs extra.


So, can I make it into an http:// address, while still hosting it on dreamhost?

I’m sure this is an utterly stupid question, but then again, this is the beginner’s forum.


you make a webpage with a link to your mp3. then you add a little code to your htaccess file so that it’s forced to download as a file when someone clicks on the link. there are some specific instructions in the wiki…

there’s no problem allowing downloads as long as you don’t break the law or the TOS which means that the files for download need to be part of a website, not just a download site.


I’m looking through the htaccess information on the wiki, but I’m not sure it applies to what I’m trying to do.

Anyone out there running an mp3 blog through blogger or wordpress who might be able to explain this to me in simple terms? How do I make files hosted on dreamhost servers available for http download?

Much appreciation to those helping so far, and I hate to sound like a whiner, but I still feel like there must be a simple answer here and the right person just hasn’t noticed this post. As you can see I got a little sidetracked on this project, and I’m not a technical guy - I would really appreciate a clear path forward before I give up and go back to complaining about these kids and their newfangled internets.