Enable Sendmail

Hello all,

I’ve searched the forum, and am unable to find exactly what I need.

I have created a community website. Within this website, I am unable to send e-mail confirmations for those who sign-up, and cannot send e-mail to users from within the site.

The proprietors of the software that I am using told me that “sendmail” needs to be enabled.

I am a newbie… so if someone could direct me to the location of where I can “enable sendmail”, I would appreciate it.


Sendmail’s already there, although it’s possible there’s a config glitch on your server so you might want to ask support.

If you’ll tell us what software it is someone here may be able to tell you what you need to do to make it find the sendmail install.

I am having the same problem. I am using phpBB software and it is supposed to be able to send email from the admin panel without using an SMTP or POP server.

But is returning an error which the phpBB forums say is related to the server:

"If your seeing this error, that means your host must of disabled the sendmail function on the server or just your account. The one thing you should do though is to first talk to your host as to why it was disabled. If he or she will not enable it, then continue on. "

Should I ask support to check my sendmail feature?

I’m not sure but maybe you want to check whether you have created webmail for your domain.

To check, go to DH panel --> Mail --> WebMail

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Whether webmail is enabled or disabled for a domain has absolutely no bearing on the problem at hand, which is sendmail not functioning as expected.


Yeah, that is probably the best course of action. As far as I know, sendmail should be available by default on all domains, no enabling required. I know it has worked as expected on the domains that I have tried it.


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