Enable iconv?

How do I go about enabling iconv extension in the PHP installation? I am trying to run a script for a website, and a critical addon to it says that iconv must be turned on. I’m a newbie- Does anyone know how to do this?

If your script working, or did it give you an error about iconv?

I use PHP5 and it looks like iconv is enabled. I don’t know if this is the case for PHP4.

If your script can run under PHP5, go to the control panel->Manage Domains->Edit, then set it to run PHP 5.1.2


Thank you. It is an add-on for the CMS called “drupal”. The add-on is supposed to transfer over my old blog to my new drupal site. However, when it runs it tells me that “Please enable iconv extension on your PHP installation.”

I fear that if I do what you suggest and run PHP 5.1.2., then I will lose my entire established drupal website. Am I incorrect?

Thank you again!

Nope, changing to PHP5 only changes one setting, so your site will remain intact.

As a reminder, since I don’t run PHP4, I couldn’t see if iconv is enabled or not for PHP4. But give PHP5 a try and see if that fixes it.


That worked! Thank you.

You’re welcome. I’m glad it worked. It’s nice when things work out like that.