Enable Argon2/Sodium libraries for PHP 7.2 standard package

DH now offers PHP 7.2 however it appears that the Argon2/Sodium libraries are not enabled (compiled without the “–with-password-argon2” and “–with-sodium” flags). these features are some of the big selling points of PHP 7.2. i do realize that we can roll our own PHP but i think that these libraries should be included in the standard server build. it seems that it is in the interest of everyone (including DH) that users have access to the best cryptography available, as this helps us build/use the most secure apps running on DH. i would think that is something that DH would want and encourage.


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Yep, you’re right. I checked with my colleagues and these libraries will be added. I don’t have an ETA yet.

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Any chance Dreamhost might add a check box GUI in panel like GoDaddy does to allow one click enablement of PHP libraries? While I certainly can edit my own php config most Dreamhost users do not have that know how.

any word on when this will be updated? I was super excited to see 7.2 available a few weeks back, solely so I could test some sodium functionality in an app I’ve been working on. Spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out why it wasn’t working only to realize that the dreamhost version of 7.2 doesn’t come with --with-sodium enabled.

I’m also working on an app that will require sodium. Anxiously awaiting this to be added to php 7.2 at Dreamhost. Thanks.

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We will be updating PHP 7.2 to include support for argon2 and sodium password hashing as of 4/17.

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