Enable Apache Mod_Rewrite

iam not sure if this is the right right category for my problem.
i installed smf 1.1.3 and installed the seo4smf mod. but its not working. someone told me that maybe my apache mod_rewrite is disabled. how will i know if it is really disabled?

Well, mod_rewrite is enabled here by default.

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if the mod_rewrite is enabled how come my installation of seo4smf is not working i installed it for the 4th time and iam tired of uploading again and again. this option says that

This changes the format of URLs a little so search engines will like them better. They will look like index.php/topic,1.html.

This feature will not work on your server.

Does anyone here installed the seo4smf successfully?

Mod_rewite works fine on DreamHost (many use it!) but there is likely to be a problem with seo4smf, according to Google.

It appears to be related to DreamHost’s use of PHP-CGI and the way seo4smf is coded.

Here a a couple of Forum threads that address this, and provide solutions (isn’t Google great?):