"Empty" button next to Inbox BLOWS

Anyone noticed the ‘empty’ button next to the Inbox button in Squirrelmail that appeared this morning? I did when I accidentally hit it while trying to click on “Inbox.” It zapped my entire Inbox, important messages and all. Not even to the Trash, not even a confirmation or warning, just straight to nowhere.

Who would implement such a feature? A poorly placed button that promises doom to all of your important information, without even the safety catch of the Trash folder.

I’m friggin pissed.

Yeah, I saw that, too. After hearing your story, I am REALLY glad I didn’t experiment with it. Sorry.

If you click on ‘Folders’ there is a new (I’m guessing) option at the very bottom that lets you select which of your folders to designate an ‘Empty’ link on.

I de-selected all my folders, so I’m back to having only the ‘Trash’ folder have a ‘Purge’ option.

I don’t know if DH upgraded Squirrelmail, or what. I thought it had been something I had done inadvertantly at some point.

I’ve actually just found some messages in the trash, so it may be a date issue, but still, this option should really not be on by default.


This is a plugin; added by user request. We will be changing it so that it’s disabled by default, however.

i agree, i hate this feature. i’m so afraid of clicking ‘empty’ by accident and losing all of my important emails and contacts forever. is this dreamhost’s horribly mean way of tricking us into getting the mail load off their servers??


I keep thinking of Ren and Stimpy…

“Whatever you do, don’t press the big, shiny, red button!”

I agree that this sounds like a terrible feature and user interface, especially because:

It zapped my entire Inbox, important messages and all

But DH does backups every 8 hours so you should have lost at most 8 hours worth of messages. Have you tried to do a restore?

Hope this helps and Good luck!

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I like it. Er, I would if I was bright enough to find it… Just have it on the Spam folder and there you go, one click purge of body enhancement “stuff”.



It’s now off by default but yeah it is nice – to turn it on for a folder click on Folders in the menu at the top of an index page and look at the bottom of that page.


Thank you for the tip. :slight_smile:



is this option still available? I clicked on “Folders” but the only thing I can see at the bottom is a “subscribe to folder” thing… ?