EMERGENCY! restoring wordpress backup using backup buddy

Hi while trying to manage my domains, I somehow reverted my site back to very old version. I think it’s a dreamhost backup from a year ago. Maybe the “DreamHost Domain Restoring Robot” did something? In any case I need to bring my site back to its most recent version. I have a full backup (database and content) from 4 days ago that was backed up using backupbuddy How do I restore this? I am very new and am trying to follow “the getting started instructions” (see directions below) but they aren’t clear enough. I now have my backup zip downloaded and the importbuddy.php downloaded but how do I upload it to the directory/ destination server?

[i]Upload the backup ZIP file and importbuddy.php tool (download on the Restore / Migrate page) to the directory where you would like your WordPress site to be installed on the destination server. Important You should not install WordPress first before restoring/migrating. If you did, you should clear it out before continuing.

Navigate to the ImportBuddy.php tool in your web browser on the destination server. The URL will look something like http://yoursite.com/importbuddy.php Can’t load importbuddy.php? Verify you uploaded to the correct directory & the file has correct permissions. If you receive a 500 server error please contact your hosting provider as PHP configuration may be wrong.

You will be prompted for your ImportBuddy password you entered when downloading or on the Settings page. Enter it and click to continue.

Follow the on-screen instructions until the restore or migration is complete. [/i]

Greatly appreciate any help!

what is in the zip file? If it has a database dump, you might not need to restore ALL of the files…you might be able to simply restore your uploads folder, and your database, which is not too difficult.

The database dump will most likely be a single file ending with .sql

Can you post if you have that? If so, can you also say how large of a file it is (mb)


Also, meanwhile…if in that zip file there is a folder under /wp-content/uploads you can have a look in that folder, and then make a quick comparison of the files on your server under the same folder. They are date-named so you should easily be able to make out if you are missing folders/files

this will give you a better idea if it was just your database, or your entire wordpress installation that was down-graded

backupbuddy is meant to restore to an empty domain. Basically I think the OP needs help getting the backupbuddy backup file and the backupbuddy restoral tool where it needs to be which is in an empty directory. Then the restoral tool is run from a browswer and it does the rest. It’s meant for people that don’t know how to work with files and databases etc…

I guess just answering the original question would have been better…

OP: do you have an FTP application such as DreamWeaver, FireFTP, or (I think) Notepad++?

what other FTP apps do Windows people use?

At any rate, you would use something like that to connect to your server and upload to the directory you want to work with.
How far along are you? The more details the better…

I really appreciate the helpful and speedy responses everyone. I figured it out. As things go with web developing now that I fixed this one, I now have another. The site is going extremely slow and gmetrix is saying that I need to leverage browser caching and minify css and js. I installed WP minify, WP super cache and something else called GZip Ninja Speed Compression. This led to 330 error code: ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED on chrome and mobile devices. The only browser that my site even showed up on was Safari. Any ideas? It’s something to do with G-Zip.

…or something to do with that combination of plugins…disable each one until things go back to normal.

You might try logging into your DreamHost Panel and visiting this link:

Your Web-Services and your Database Servers should be in the same data-center. If they are not, then you should put in a ticket and ask them to move them together.
Sometimes they end up in different parts of the U.S. and can result in slowwww sites.
Your site suddenly downgrading to an older version gives me a sneaking suspicion that your database server was moved…but that is just arm-chair speculation.