Embeding a Video Player

I am wanting to embed a Quick Time player in my website that will work in IE and Firefox. Can anyone help me with the HTML code for this?


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This should get you going. Object linking
I noticed that the code on the wiki did not include the embed tag. I assume firefox now supports the object tag. As the embed tag is suppose to be phased out.

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You can find instructions on the DreamHost Wiki: Object Embedding - Quicktime
You might also consider this solution: Flash Media Player

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There is no embed element. There has never been an embed element, in fact - not in any version of HTML. It is a proprietary element added during the browser wars.

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Thanks for the info and links. I will get to work on this. What is your recommendation between QuickTime and Flash Media Player. Right now I am trying to figure out how to get my .avi files converted to QuickTimes .mov.


Life is what happens while we are regretting the past and worrying about the future!

I have not used the Flash Player myself, but I believe it will offer you the easiest solution.

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Go for Flash (flv format).

You can even use Dreamhost to convert them:
Panel > Goodies > Flash Media

If you’d rather convert them locally, try something like SUPER.

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For around $20 you can get Quicktime pro which will convert avi’s to mov format. The catch is you much use a codec for your avi’s that QT supports, which is very few. QT can also be used for converting sequences as well.
I agree with the others, Flash has a wider audience and can produce small file sizes. If you have enough server space, it may be a good idea to provide an alternative for those that do not want the flash plugin installed or have disabled javascript (if you use JS to embed the player).

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Silk makes a fantastic point about having an alternative to flash available for your visitors. I’d probably go for a small download link beneath the flash player linked to a static DivX / Xvid compressed avi file if you have the resources available. Those codecs are freely available to everyone and common as [something extremely common] these days.

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I spent most of the evening trying to download Super from www.erightsoft.com/super.html . I finally gave up and decided that their website was overloaded. This morning I downloaded it fine using Firefox onto my XP machine. However as I got to the end of installing it, I kept getting an error message saying that the Windows\System32\Smab0.dll could not be installed because it may be in use. I had no other applications running. I clicked on cancel and it continued to install but the program would never come up. I tried installin again… same thing.

Here is my goal: My wife has a website, that I built, a couple of years ago called www.imnotafraidpublications.com . She sells her GED Math books from this site and has a couple of testimony pages from students and teachers. Currently she only has photos and written testimonies. Recently she purchased a Flip Video Ultra camcorder from Pure Digital Technologies. She intends to get her students and fellow teachers to do video testimonies. I, again, drew the short straw and was asked implement this new project onto her website. My background is construction so computers are a far thing from my field of expertise. I have one teacher testimony to work with as I try to pioneer this new project.

The first thing I noticed on the video recording was that the sound was too quiet. The Flip had no editing software that could edit the sound… so I imported it to Virtual Dub and managed to export only the sound into a .WAV file. I then imported the .WAV file into my Sonar audio recording program and Normalized the signal to the loudest possible level. I then used Windows Movie Maker and imported the original Flip .avi file and also the normalized .wav file. I was able to combine the two and save the file. It sounded much better with the audio volumn being up where it needs to be. However the file is now saved as a .wmv. That was my only choice on Windows Movie Maker.

Armed with an edited .wmv file, I am now looking to convert to .mov format for QuickTime or the .flv for Flash Media. I am open to using either player on her site.

DreamHost says that it can convert to .flv from .avi, . mov, or .mpg but they do not list .wmv.

I was hoping SUPER would do this for me but I have having trouble getting it to install.

I am not married to any of this process… and I am open to any other process that will get me the results I am looking for, namely: using Flip Video Ultra - editing the sound up to a higher volumn - saving it into a .mov or .flv format

One thing that I am running up against is the codec thing of which I am struggling to get my head around. Flip uses 3ivx MPEG-4. I think the codec would be the 3ivx part. Apparently I need to have this installed on my computer so another media editor can open my file into their program. Some editing programs will open it and some won’t.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


My personal music site is www.rexbernard.com . I have successfully gotten the audio working using Itune’s player with the help of forum geeks contributing some thorough HTML code. My hat is off to all you you guys who hang out on these forums and kindly help us boneheads and wannabes. Thank You Very MUCH!

Life is what happens while we are regretting the past and worrying about the future!

If you know how to use VirtualDub then you’re laughing mate.

After exporting the audio as WAV and making the necessary adjustments in another program concerning the levels you can remux the WAV back into your AVI file using VirtualDub as well. You can even have it compress to MP3 format “on-the-fly” if you have the necessary codecs. A good source of codecs is the K-Lite Codec Pack which will also install ffdshow components that should also enable you to get around the 3ivx problem you mentioned.

Here is a rundown of the AVI editing process:

  1. Load your AVI into VirtualDub
  2. Video > Direct stream copy
  3. Audio > Full processing mode
  4. Audio > Compression > No compression (CPM)
  5. File > Save WAV
  • Minimise VirtulaDub
  • Use your program of choice to raise the audio levels to your requirements
  • Save the file as WAV again.
  • Maximise VirtualDub
  1. Audio > WAV Audio (*)
  2. Select your newly edited WAV file
  3. Audio > Compression > Lame MP3 > 96kb/s CBR (**)
  4. File > Save as AVI

(*) If you still run into problems regarding the 3ivx component you can…

Video > Fast recompress
Video > Compression > XviD MPEG-4 Codec

…during step 6 while importing the edited WAV in the above process.

(**) I mention LAME @ 96kb/s as it sounds as though you’ll be concerned mainly with voice tracks for the most part. If you’re muxing in some background music you might like to up that value to 128kb/s for better overall quality.

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I couldn’t reproduce the installation error here but I have seen the Smab0.dll glitch you mentioned on previous installs. Usually a “reboot and try again” fixed it in my case. I have all versions of SUPER here so if you still have trouble with installation you might like to try installing an older version, in which case I’ll upload it somewhere for you.

I should add that when you start SUPER it does take some time to “fire up” at first.

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OK Fellas with your help I have successfully navigated the choppy waters, again, of do-it-yourself web design. I was stuck with using the family computer while I was trying to download Super and was having all the problems. Tonight I was able to get my personal computer back up and running and Super downloaded fine and installed fine. I wasn’t sure which options to choose but I finally got my .wmv file converted to .mov. ( I don’t know why I stayed with QuickTime) Anyway…I opened up QuickTime to see if it would play the file. It played it fine. As I perused the QuickTime menu, I noticed a choice called “Export for Web”. I did this and it made three files for me and created a readme file. The readme file generated the HTML code and gave me instruction on how and where to insert it.

Basically all I did was follow instructions and tweeked my url address in all the right spots. I uploaded it and amazingly it all worked the first time! Here is the link to that page: http://www.imnotafraidpublications.com/Page-9-WhatProfessionalsAreSaying.htm
Please let me know if it is not working on your browsers.

I would never have accomplished this without you guys and Super. I spent all afternoon looking for another converter and was having no luck.

Thanks for all your help. I may mess with Flash soon and see if I like it better.

I am also considering re-building this website using Joomla. Do you guys have any recommendations on this idea?


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Life is what happens while we are regretting the past and worrying about the future!

[quote]Here is the link to that page: http://www.imnotafraidpublications.com/Page-9-WhatProfessionalsAreSaying.htm
Please let me know if it is not working on your browsers.[/quote]
It’s working fine for me with FireFox on Linux … oh wait! You wanted us to let you know if it is not working … doh! Sorry about that!


XP SP3, v.3311

IE7 didn’t offer to download plugin. Reported an error in the object tag after clicking (possibly an embed? I didn’t actually check).

Opera 9.27 didn’t offer to download plugin.

Firefox offered to download a plugin… but there wasn’t one (lol).

FF then sent me off to Apple to download ~22Mbs of QuickTime7. Which I didn’t install :wink:

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As much as I hate to say it … this is exactly the kind of thing that, at present, flash .flv’s are good for. I’m not a big flash fan, but I have to admit that it does seem to me to be the best “overall” way to offer video on the web at the moment.

In my experience, it’s just more likely to “just work” than Quicktime for environments other than the MAC :wink:


I’m definitely with you on that one.

FLV’s represent the most compatible method imo. I’m a big fan of DivX / XviD avi’s as alternative downloads too.

Joomla! is great, and rl is your man for all things J! related :wink:

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Now I am trying to tackle getting the player switched over to using an .flv file. I got my video saved in an .avi file. It was 9.58 MB, 23 kbps, and 640 x 480. Then I uploaded it to my website. I then went to Dreamhost’s goodies section and filled out the form for it to be converted to a .flv file. It has been about 17 hours since my first submittal. Their website said it would take a few minutes. I still have not received any HTML code in my email.

Did I upload the wrong size file or something? I can’t remember what codec I used to compress it.

Thanks for any help you can give me.


Life is what happens while we are regretting the past and worrying about the future!


I’ve never had it take that long, so I don’t know what may be affot with that. THere are two things I would check:

  1. Check your Support-> Support History in the panel - all mail from DreamHost to you is archived there, and this can be helpful if somehow am email didn’t make it to you (or got caught in your spam filter, or ?)

  2. Check your directory to see if the .flv file was actually created already. If so, it is swtill usable even if the “success” email has been delayed.


I finally got my head on straight and got the right path listed on the DreamHost conversion form. I have now successfully embedded a Flash Media Player on my site. This gives me the privilege of directly comparing QuickTime to Flash. QuickTime is terribly slow and it has a smaller file size than Flash. But QuickTime can put a poster image inside the frame to be viewed before the player arrow is selected. On Flash it is just a black box. Surely there is a way to get a photo or poster in the black box. Any suggestions on this?

I also noticed that when I open the video’s html page that Firefox stretches my left layout box way out of proportion while the page is loading. IE does not do this. Any ideas on what is happening here? When the page gets loaded the box goes back to normal.

The start up time for the Flash video is considerably quicker. This is the best part of the whole deal along with the fact that you guys tell me more browsers can play it. How can Flash do it so much quicker?

The link to the Flash page is: http://www.imnotafraidpublications.com/Page-9-WhatProfessionalsAreSaying2.htm

The link to the QuickTime page is:http://www.imnotafraidpublications.com/Page-9-WhatProfessionalsAreSaying.htm

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Life is what happens while we are regretting the past and worrying about the future!