Embedding flash video into wordpress post

I’ve been trying for a day to figure out how to host a .flv file on my site and embed it into a Wordpress post. My directory’s are setup as follows:

/mysite.com/ - html/wp files
/mysite.com/wp-content/videos - directory of the .flv videos
/mysite.com/flash/ - directory of the .swf player and .js script

I’m writing a blog post in Wordpress and would like to embed the flash video. I don’t want to host it on youtube or google video or anywhere else - I just want to keep it on my site and host it from there.

I’ve tried the WP-FLV plugin, Flash video plugin, and Kimli flash video plugin. Either I don’t have them configured correctly, or they just aren’t working.

Any help on directory structure, plugin configuration, or general troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated.

OK, I finally managed to get it working with the WP-FLV plugin. The flash videos play OK on the frontpage of my blog and in my gallery.

However, the videos do NOT play when viewing the individual post. So, for example, if a person reads the post on the frontpage at http://www.mysite.com/ the videos will show and play no problem.

However, if they click on the individual post and view it at (for example) http://www.mysite.com/07/18/flash-video-post then they won’t be able to see or watch the videos.

Any solutions to this problem? Thanks.

It sounds like a folder issue. It may be easier if your player pointed to the absolute address of the video. I am guessing when you click on a page, the page is in a different folder like you show above. The player is looking for the video in that same folder. You could also place a copy of the flv into that folder just to see if thats the issue. Then decide what to do.

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Thanks for the quick response.

Unfortunately, your suggestion didn’t help, but it got me thinking. I ended up playing with the directory structure to swfplayer.flv and configuring WP-FLV and I ended up adding a / before pointing to the correct directory. That made all the difference.


Glad you got it working. It probably would have helped if I had used wordpress or that plugin though. lol.

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