Embedding dreambook as object?

I am trying to embed my dreambook into one of my web pages using the following code:

Error: Embedded data could not be displayed.

The whole thing works great from the local copy of my website on my hard drive, but the copy uploaded to the www just brings up a blank space where the content should be. Is there something written in the dreambook code preventing me from doing this. I’m not trying to “get away” with anything, the dreambook just works out better for my site embedded in the front page of my site.
The sample is at:

It works for me (in Mozilla 1.7.5), but browser support for embedding HTML via the OBJECT element may be inconsistent; perhaps an IFRAME would be better supported.

The URLs given as parameter values should be enclosed in quotes to be proper HTML syntax.

You apparently regard your high school sports team as a commercial entity, judging from your use of a .com domain.

– Dan

Not sure about the .com usage. The coach asked for a volunteer to do the website…I offered and I went to directnic.com and bought the domain. I don’t get paid for it nor do I advertise on it other than links to related sights for which I collect no money. What type of domain should it be? It is a high school site but .edu was not offered…I assumed you had to be a licensed/registered ecuational institution to get one. Thanks for your help regarding my question. I don’t know what an IFRAME is but I am about to research it.

Discussion of the meaning of the different top level domains, and other issues of domain structure:

You’re right that .edu is restricted to higher-level educational institutions. High schools can get domains under .k12.[state].us, but if you want a second-level domain, probably .org makes the most sense.

– Dan


One more thanks. I found the info on the IFRAME and it works perfectly. You saved me a lot of time and headache.

Much appreciated,