Embedded Google Calendar Page Not Showing


Hi -

I used iWeb to create a website (sitkabahai.org), and embedded a Google calendar into one of the pages of the site. In my iWeb preview of the published site the calendar page shows fine and the page is included in my site navigation; however, when I upload to DH the calendar page doesn’t show and there is no reference in my site navigation to the calendar page. I re-did my upload to DH to ensure I had all of the files included, and still no calendar. When I try to go directly to the url (sitkabahai.org/calendar.html) I get a file not found error even though I can see my calendar.html file uploaded to DH.

Does anyone know if there is a special setting I need on the DH side of things because it is an embedded Google calendar? I am trying to figure out why the calendar page isn’t showing in either the navigation of the site or when going to it directly, and would love any ideas folks have that could help me solve this.



My problem turned out to be a caching issue. Everything was fine with my upload, but the page and navigation just didn’t show until I cleared the cache for the web browser. As I thought about this situation more, the likelihood lessened that it was a problem with the embedded Google calendar, as the page and navigation would have showed even if the calendar didn’t. Love it when the solutions are so easy :slight_smile: