Embed youtube videos in wordpress

Hi, we have just created a blog and we are embedding video. I am using…

Which works fine. The problem is that I am on a macintosh, OSX, Safari. Marty is on a PC, Windows XP Pro with IE 7 and Firefox 2. We are using the lush template. I can see the embed code fine on pages and when editing. Marty sees it for 2 seconds and then it just disapears. He does not see it when editing the html. Also, when he modified one word in the document the video is no longer there. I assume it is because the embed code disappears???

Our blog is at http://blog.protoolstraining.com

Does any one know why this is happening? It may be the template…I have not posted this question on the template creators forum yet…thought I would check here first. Thanks

It is happening because is not HTML. Check out this wiki article and related work.

Simon’s website
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Thanks Simon.

I went ahead and installed Viper’s Video Quicktags plugin. Our trainers don’t know html and we want this to be easy for them to add blog entries.