Embarrassing question


This is going to sound awful…But I can’t find the IP of the VPS server we just purchased?

I am logged into the control panel but I don’t see it listed anywhere?

I must be missing something easy.



The name of the VPS should be listed in various locations — it’ll be of the format “ps123456”. With that in hand, the hostname of the VPS is “ps123456.dreamhostps.com”. You can look up the IP by pinging it or whatever.

For what it’s worth, any fully hosted domain you add to the VPS will pick up its IP automatically. So the IP isn’t all that important to know, most of the time.


Thanks, I was able to ssh into the server. But I am not able to su to root? I can’t find that password anywhere.

I have over 20 virtual servers with other companies. I guess I’m just not used to the way this is configured.


There’s no valid password for the root user by default.

You can create an “admin user” (i.e, a user with sudo rights) through the panel.


Don’t worry, I’ve had dedicated servers with other companies and I’ve run into some of the same problems as you. I think Dreamhost likes to make things as simplified as possible and is geared towards people who WANT everything as SIMPLE as possible.

I was surprised that apache, mysql, php were all already installed (much to my dislike). This should be an option when registering.


I just want a bare server, traditional root access. All I want to do is install squid and snmp. Usually this takes 5 minutes. Every command I run tells me command not found, no matter what I try.


While logged in as an admin user, run:

No different from any other Debian Linux system.