Emails Very slow on a brand new domain


I just purchased this domain 24 hours ago and since then I cant get to webmail half the time…

if I put in

or even

Chrome just sits there and goes around and around and around… Sometimes I will get the log in page and sometimes I wont I will get a security certificate error. Or sometimes just a white page with the little throbber at the top of chrome going around and around and around… But nothing displays on the screen!

Email on my phone isnt updating either… Even though its set to PUSH since I have unlimited data though Sprint my cell phone provider.


I have flushed my browser history, I have flushed my DNS here in windows though command prompt. I dont know what to do… DH controls everything because I bought my domain though them.

Thank you,
And here is what server I am on: on homiemail-sub5 on thror


I’m afraid Dreamhost is really hanging us all out to dry with this email problem. Something royally screwed up, and it really seems like they’re being less than honest with us about what the actual problem is. Or their technicians are completely baffled by it and we’re paying the price.

They need to fix this and they need to do it ASAP. And if they can’t they need to tell us ASAP so we can move our business elsewhere with a fundamental email infrastructure.

This is ridiculous.

Yep. Same level of service I’m getting. Not cool.

I’m now in the process of switching web hosts. Bye, Dreamhost.

(At least their support staff can get you an authorization code pretty quickly. Just make sure you have any email address on file other than a Dreamhost account!)