Emails timeout Outlook

Over the past couple of months I have been having troubles receiving certain emails which is timing out my outlook.

As a webmaster, I monitor and receive emails through many accounts setup in Outlook 2000. (over 15). On occasion, Outlook tries to download an email and hangs. If I access the mail online through “Squirrelmail” I can access it and delete it.
(My standard approach)

It appears to be related to the actual email as I get them through other “Webmaster” accounts… and I have to access the online mail and delete it.

Note: It doesn’t appear to be related to size or attachments… I’m not sure if this is a common problem (I assume so) or related to any “squirrelmail” or “dreamhost” mail/mailbox setting.
FYI: I’ve up’ed my “Server timeout” in the OUtlook “Account/Properties/Advanced tab”.

Looking for directions.