Emails still bouncing

Anyone else having emails sent to their domains (not bounce today? I have reports from customers, and have verified from a friend, that emails to some of my domains are bouncing back (NOT just deferred).

According to the somehow-our-domain-lapsed message sent late last night (how in the world do you let that happen!?!?!):

“For a brief period of time this evening, mail was bouncing for some people. This has been fixed (the MX records have been changed to use”

Perhaps this is related to the problem. Given that some folks are able to send email to my domains it sounds like a DNS propagation delay. But it sounds like the problem has not been fixed as the email sent late last night suggested. Surely I won’t have to wait for the DNS propagation to finish before emails will stop bouncing!?

Let’s see:

  • weekly DDoS attacks bring various machines to a grinding halt
  • viruses periodically bring down POP and SMTP servers
  • last night a fileserver network problem kills 20 machines for over an hour
  • last night their domain name inexplicably expires causing all sorts of issues
  • today emails sent to my domains are bouncing

The worst one of all of these is the emails bouncing. I’m not going to be able to sell much software when folks email my support or sales email address and get a bounce back. I can just see it, “Wow – looks like that company doesn’t exist anymore. No point in purchasing this demo software.” People expect websites to go down every now and then. They don’t, or at least I don’t, expect to have bounced email…

I’m seriously bummed about all this. I’ve been a DH customer for almost a year now. I’d hate to switch. More specifically, I’d hate to have to do all the work involved in moving my sites to another provider. But you have to do what you have to do. DH might be able to attract new customers with their grand Birthday promotion, but they aren’t going to keep existing customers if they don’t get their act together. IMHO, of course.

a very frustrated DH customer,
matt bendiksen

I hate to reply to myself, but I thought I would pass on the info I got back from support:

“I talked to our mail expert and he said that he is working on it. We’ll send out an announcement as soon as we have the problem corrected.”

So, it sounds like something is messed up (which is bad) but they are actively trying to fix it (which is good).

matt “don’t bother to try to send me an email” bendiksen