Emails receiving problem


Hi Guyes,
I’ve facing a strange problem with 1 of my account. I’ve few web accounts in dreamhost suppose, but in a specifiq account suppose - I m receiving emails very lately (10/12 hours later) if any one send emails to this account.
But email transaction with others accounts going fine.
So, whats problem with b@abc account?


There have been reports of a mail server queueing up.

If the problem persists submit a ticket (if you haven’t already).


Thanks SXI,
But can u please explain me how to fix that?
“If the problem persists
submit a ticket (if you haven’t already).” - It’s not clear to me.
So, please describe me…


Sure thing.

In your panel take a look at the main menu on the left. Right down the bottom is a Support menu. Just click on that then click ‘Contact Support’. The first thing you’ll notice is an announcement regarding mail, but if you don’t think the notice pertains to your problem you can elect to submit a ticket by ticking “Email” in Step 1 and continuing on through the steps to submit a support ticket.

When submitting a ticket, give as much information as possible (not a@abc b@abc) that concerns your issue and try to keep it clear, concise, and to the point. That way Support are better able to ascertain if your problem is account-based more quickly.


Yes, there is an announcement from dreamhost team. They, who are using php mail function/other, they are receiving emails lately. Actually on that account, I am sending/receiving emails using php mail function.

hope it will be fixed soon.
thanks a lot fot open my eyes…