Emails Outlook - iOS Mail Not Working

Is anyone else having a problem connecting through Outlook or iOS Mail app with their email accounts through Dream Host?

I’ve set everything up over a year ago, and some new domains last month with no problem. However, today I’m having problems connecting through either wifi, or mobile with my mail. It came through a few times, but mostly states that it cannot connect to the server.

The webmail works fine with accessed through the browser though. This happened once before in the morning, but was fine later in the day.

Any ideas why this would occur all of a sudden? All my settings should be correct as I’ve been setting up emails without issues on Outlook, and Mobile devices for a long time.

on your phone, is it working when you’re NOT on your wifi? (i.e. using cellular) And when your iPhones on wifi you get the message? Is outlook on that same local network?

If the the answers are Yes, Yes and Yes, then first type “what is my IP” in the google search box, and grab your external IP address, google kindly gives it to you easily. Then Open a ticket and ask support if your IP is banned on the mailserver and if so, why.

No, it wouldn’t work on my wifi, or mobile internet for iOS Mail, or Outlook. I could only access my email if I logged into the webmail through, otherwise it would fail to connect to the sever.

I just tried everything again, and it all works fine from both mobile and wifi. Must be some funky issue, but it’s connecting fine now. If it happens again, I’ll open up a support ticket. I was a bit frustrated yesterday because I missed a valuable email, but life goes on!

That was the sentence from your first post that lead me to my questions…

No problem, it’s nothing related to IP Blocking, it was an issue on the server side. It wouldn’t matter if I was on WIFI which is my ISP IP, or using mobile + tethering which is my mobile ISP IP address. I could even go to a WIFI hot spot outside of my area at a cafe and the same problem would occur.

Yesterday the email for one of my domains stopped working for a short time. I just assumed a hiccup. Today the email for two of my domain stopped working for a few minutes (that I know of).

I was on a Mac using the default Mail program connecting thru home wifi.
This was the error:
Mail was unable to connect to server “” using SSL on the default ports. Verify that this server supports SSL and that your account settings are correct.

My Mail setup includes a bunch of different accounts and it was only the dreamhost ones that were affected.

I came here to see if anyone else had the same issue. Unfortunately since the outages were so brief, my level of caring is somewhere between making this post and actually trying to do something about it. Just figured I’d share the error message in case it is relevant.

Hi CassieLou, glad to hear that the problem solved itself quickly. The error may have been caused by the connectivity issue suffered in one of the datacenters on March 3rd (