Emails not sending

Please talk to me like a 3-year old! I know this must be obvious, but I just can’t work it out.

I have my domain name hosted with GoDaddy, but use Google apps hosted at DreamHost for managing my mail. I send and receive emails through my desktop Mail (Apple). It has worked fine for years.

Since DreamHost moved my mail service and mailboxes to a new server (November) I have not been able to send mails from this domain (although I can receive them. Puzzling to me is that an occasional email does get sent. The others stay in the Outbox.

I can see this message in DreamHost for this domain: “won’t be accessible until you remove any custom DNS records it has related to mail (mail, webmail, or mailboxes A records or any MX records).”

But I just cannot see what I have to do… How and where to I remove custom DNS records…?

Thank you!

Log into the panel; at left click on ‘Domains’ -> ‘Manage domains’ and
click on ‘DNS’ for that domain. Presumably you have to remove any
custom DNS records you had set earlier.


Thank you tomt. This is what I see when I check the DNS… Is there something there I can remove?

Thank you!

Unfortunately this is beyond my humble skills. You’ll need to contact Support to help you with this.


Thanks so much tomt. Actually, I don’t feel so bad now about not being able to figure it out.