Emails hosted on Dreamhost and site hosted on my server (SPF Problem)

I have a lot of domains hosted on my server.

And i host the emails of these domains on DreamHost.

Now it’s happening a number of errors on emails. Delays, Emails can’t reach the recipient addresssm, etc.

I think this is a SPF problem…

So… i need to know… what DreamHost SPF Rule i put on my server to stop this errors…

Currently my SPF TXT is that way:

[php]v=spf1 ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: mx/24 ~all[/php]

Can someone provide me the DreamHost SPF?

Hmm. SPF doesn’t really cause delays. It may cause some emails to not be delivered, if the SPF record has an issue and the receiving mail server actually checks SPF (not very common).

More on SPF here:

I’d strongly suggest submitting a ticket to our support team from your web panel; Include specific details and headers, and our team can try and locate the cause of the delays.