Emails ending up in webmail Spam folder, unable to be accessed by Gmail



For the past 8 or more years we’ve been successfully been using Gmail instead of the DH webmail client to access and send email. The system has worked perfectly - until about 25 days ago.

For some reason, the DH webmail has been placing various incoming emails in the Spam folder. Unfortunately, they stay there as Gmail appears to only download mail from the DH webmail Inbox.

Even our internal office emails office are ending up in the DH webmail client Spam folder, unable to be downloaded into Gmail.

My guess is that some changes have been made to DH webmail?

TIA for a workaround or a solution.



I started noticing the same thing … even mail among office internal email. You ever figure anything out?

TIA too :wink:


I found a solution.

Log into your panel, then click on Mail >> Anti Spam >> Edit filter >> Edit Settings >> Then un-tick Filter Spam messages.


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