Emails ending up in spam

Hello again!

I seem to be having all sorts of trouble with email. Most of it finally fixed itself, though I had a question I thought I’d pose. Sorry if this isn’t the right place for it.

For a while, I was receiving account activation emails just fine at whatever address I tested with. After the mail() issues past couple days sorted themselves out, gmail started to put account activation emails in spam. Suddenly today it stopped doing that, but for future reference are there any guidelines to writing those sorts of form emails so they don’t end up in spam? I know I’ve heard something about this before…

(And on an only-slightly-related note, even though most of the email issues seem to have sorted themselves out, I’m still not receiving any emails when I test it with a yahoo account - not even in spam. Any idea what’s up with that?)

When you say “account activation emails”, I assume those are emails sent out by your site, from an address If so, while it’s possible to be content-related, it could also be gmail filtering incoming messages from a specific range of our servers. There are some different levels of spam blocking, and blocks on any mail providers’ servers are commonly put up and brought down again, depending on the level of perceived “spam” coming from them. If you’re unable to send from one of your DH-hosted email accounts to your yahoo account, it may also be a mail block. We ask that you send any details you can here (including to/from addresses, any headers you can provide, times/dates sent), and we’ll see if there’s anything we can do!

I’ve been having a similar issue except that Yahoo has branded me with a T503, meaning emails from my site are BANNED! These are emails to site visitors who requested membership & the emails I am generating are merely to confirm their email address as legitimate.

I sent in a trouble ticket (#5523752) to DH 5 days ago, but am unsure what direction to take now. Do I keep sending emails and risk being reported & labeled a SPAMMER? Or do I wait to hear from somebody? I KNOW that won’t be Yahoo? Or should I just stop accepting new members & take my site down?

It seems that the majority of automated emails from our website are also ending up in our customers spam folders, including our ‘copy’ messages to our gmail account. Is there anything we can do about this - we’re on a shared server.