Emails during downtime

Does anyone know what happened to any emails that were sent to my dreamhost accounts during it’s downtime? Were they bounced never to be seen again, or will they arrive eventually?

Got no idea… ive sent a CSrequest… but suddenly my emails are starting to appear.

And… well… lately, im not shocked for any of this stuff. I mean, everytime a problem appears, they offer apologies, but cero solutions man :S

Send a test email to your account from a yahoo or hotmail account. In my case the emails are being sent back with an unknown user error.

Gargoyle, my email accounts (including ALL the email accounts from ALL my customer, which BTW r trying to beat my head off) are now working… but this morning emails are “lost” somewhere in space and are appearing in blurbs

They have probably been bounced back to the sender. With any luck THEIR smtp server may attempt to resend the email.

Hotmail is only showing me the test message bounced back. It doesn’t state if the server will attempt to resend the message later.

I can’t receive email here. My website went up and down a few times, then went dark again.

my test emails were getting through earlier today, but the last test message I sent about 2 hours ago has not shown up yet and no bounce either

At least you can check email. The imap server is down, so I can’t log into my webmail to even see what I’ve missed.