Emails delayed

Friends of dreamhost is constant the proplemas that I have when receiving emails, slow to arrive approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour and that creates discomfort workers. I need a solution soon. I am looking forward to your response.



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Tom Nilo
System Manager

511 956246285

Me too. Going on four hours of no new emails when I know people have sent them to me. I hope they fix this faster than the multi-day catastrophe back in August.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you, we have updated our status page and are working on a resolution. For more information please see our post about it here:

There’s no longer any info on the status page. Is the issue resolved? I’m missing at least 3 messages sent earlier today (fortunately they were cc’ed to another address hosted by a real e-mail provider 8-).

Will delayed messages come through or are they lost?

Hi Ranjit,
As far as we know all messages are qued to come in, the issue has been resolved. Here is the new link:

You can expect your mail to come in, some messages may just be a little more delayed.