Emails being rejected - DH mail server blocklisted as spammy

hi everyone,

i’ve submitted a regular support ticket about this, but DH doesnt seem to care and hasnt responded in a week, so i’m feeling a bit desperate.

my problem is that every mail i send out via my DH account is being blocked by many recipients. not after i’ve sent them hundreds of mails, but from the first one on. i cant get through at all to some public government agencies because of this:

i’ve asked them to move me to a different server ( is the ip of the one i’m currently on), one that isn’t shared with known spammers, but they’ve stopped responding and in their last message pretty much told me that i’m sh*t out of luck. :frowning: what do i do next? does anyone on here have any experience with this? i’ve been a DH customer for 7 years and i send out promo emails for the two record labels i own. nothing remotely spammy.

thanks in advance for your help.

kind regards,
quick addendum to my post - i’m on the following mail server:

thanks again.

Dreamhost does web hosting really well. Dreamhost does email really badly. That’s not new, that’s been the case ever since I’ve been a customer, dreamhost has even admitted the fact in this forum.

I spend $4.00 a month elsewhere to solve the problem, that’s what you should do as well.

where do u get your email service from?

seems like DH could just move my domains to another mail server. i’m sure they got plenty.


Mostly Microsoft emails as hotmail and outlook reject all emails and do not even show them in Junk.

You won’t find a solution, all Dreamhost servers are blacklisted, even dedicated do not go through.

But if you find THE solution to this problem please tell us <3

talked to support today and apparently the mail cluster all my domains are on - homiemail-sub5 - has a number of servers with different ips and some are blacklisted, some arent. smtp requests can go to any one of the servers in that cluster, so sometimes they go through, other times they dont. they apparently know about the problem and are trying to get unlisted. has nothing to do with outlook tho, any incoming mail servers or end-user machines running trend micro products will block these mails. moving my domains to a different mail cluster is apparently not something they are prepared to do. i simply have to wait for them to work it out.

in the meantime i’ll prob get some external mail service going. seems like a good way to go, 40usd/year for multiple domains/aliases seems like a fair deal. … it’s only money i guess. :-/

Yes wait, just like we do since 10 years…

I use this. It to has multiple domains/aliases/mailboxes/calenders etc. You can make it as simple or complex as you want. I actually pay for 2 users (me and my wife) and we have a number of special things set up like a shared mailbox. I do still have one domain on dreamhost mail, but I let Exchange pick up that email as well. I also have a script on a dreamhost webserver configured to use smtp.

I’m glad I took the free trial on that service and checked it out. I originally thought that 4/month bought you one mailbox on one domain, but it doesn’t, you can pretty much do anything you want, you just have to pay per user (which equates to how many sets of login credentials you need).

The big plus for me is the SLA, the service is always up and always works. Never had anyone tell me my message was in spam, or didn’t arrive. In the two years since I moved email over I’ve opened exactly one support ticket. They called me about 20 minutes later, and although the woman did have a thick accent she was really on top of the game and understood my issue immediately (it was a setup issue, I don’t remember what exactly) and walked me though the steps necessary.

thanks for the tip, lakerat.