Emailing via PHP

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I’ve tried to email my mailing list twice, and nothing happens. Individual emails go out (when someone signs up to the email list or comments on a blog, etc), but when I run a script to email the list (a little less than 2000 emails), none of them are sent. The first was about 2 weeks ago, the last was about a week ago.

I know the script itself works (it’s a simple php/mysql while loop) because my previous host executed it fine. Is there a setting I need to change somewhere to correct a problem, or does Dreamhost not allow mail to be sent out when it’s more than just a few addresses?

Site in question is, which is on



You’re bound to run into this:

And if your email has more than 100 recipients in the header, that may be why it’s not going out.

There’s a DreamHost service that doesn’t have the quota and may be the more appropriate route:,PHP%26_Databases/_Announcement_Mailing_List

Thanks sdayman!

The DreamHost list service won’t work, because the email goes out when a blog is posted through the CMS.

The script sends the emails out individually - so it possibly has been sending to the first 200 and I just assumed it didn’t send at all since I didn’t get it (my email address is a few hundred in). I suppose I’ll need to set up cron jobs to email 200/hour after a blog is posted, or maybe send from a new from address for each batch… …unless there’s a better way?

Just so anyone who is reading this is afraid I’m a spammer, this is an opt-in list that I’ve been gathering for the last years with my band.

Thanks again!


As long as you have evidence of the recipient opting in, you’ll be fine if anybody complains.