Emailing statements and news


I have two bulk email needs, and I would like to get any recomendations/suggestions for solutions.

  1. I operate a news web site that is advertising supported. I would like to create the option to receive the news/ads via email on a weekly basis. The news/ads come out of my CMS and creating the email content is a simple matter of a db query. Is DH’s Announcements List a good, viable solution? I need to be able to easily keep track of unsubscribes, because there are some priviledges on the site that would be denied to non-subscribers. If I am able to work with the Announcement List as if it was just another table in my db, I think it would work. But if I have to manually mess around with the Announcement List, that wouldn’t work.

  2. I need to email statements to customers on a monthly basis. Is DH’s Announcement List a viable solution? These do not have to go out in bulk all at once – they can trickle out throughout the month.

Are there any recommended 3rd party solutions? I have heard of Constant Contact. Any others? Also, it is very important to me to be 100% compliant with the highest standards re: spam.