Emailing a web page to an Announce List



Hi - I’ve got a website and want to send a weekly email to people who subscribe. I’ve set up an announcements list, but the problem is that the email I want to send is generated automatically, weekly, and I don’t want to have to manually visit the panel and send it.

The body of the email is HTML, and is currently available from the main site as a webpage - so what I’d like to do is have a cron job that fetches the page (lynx -dump) and then sends it … it’s the sending it part I’m not sure how to do.

I could see this list reaching a couple thousand subscribers over time, so I’d rather not move off using the announce list system if I can… has anyone done this?



I’m not so sure if this can be done, unless someone else knows better.
Why not use a discussion group? You can automatically post to the list post address then,you could always delete any posts to the list from users.



“DreamHost does not allow the discussion list system to be used for announcement or newsletter functions.”

I’d do it but it seems they’d prefer I not do it and use the discussion list system instead…