Got a blog using Wordpress and we’ve had our settings as such that we receive an email notification with any new comments on posts. This has always worked well for about 5 years until we moved to a dedicated server a couple of months ago when we stopped receiving about 90% of those notification emails - only some of them come through now. It’s quite puzzling, not to mention frustrating.

Any ideas about what might have happened there? Thanks

I believe mail coming directly from a shared server or VPS is considered high risk by many spam filters. I got around this problem myself by create a dummy e-mail address on my account, and installing the “WP-Mail-SMTP” plugin to route outbound SMTP mail via dreamhosts mail servers. (in my case It can be configured to send using Authentication and TLS to permit the outbound relay. Then you also gain the automatic DKIM signing when it passes through that mailserver.

I also encourage you you setup an SPF record on your domain to allow authentication of that server. at a minimum: TXT “v=spf1 -all”

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