Lake Rat, I 've signed up with Dreamhost and have pointed my domain name too their servers. I one clicked Wordpress and have it. Now then, I ve tried to set up email and can’t do it. No matter what I do I’m told there are no accounts set IP with my domain. I tried to set up my Android phone and the phone tells me they can’t connect with the servers. This is the same thing that happened at my last host. What gives?

What happens when you try to create an email address from the panel?

You need to do that first so you can have MX (mail) records for your domain. Once you’ve set up an email and waited for DNS to propagate (anywhere from a few minutes to 72 hours), you can then configure it to use on your Android.

lake, I just tried it again and this time I have a go. it says to wait 24hrs for the point to go thru and up to 72hours for the servers to react. What I’m going to do is wait until Tues to check everything in that i just pointed today. Lake, when I fine tune an engine it has to move out right then and there. Obviously websites dont do that. I’ll just have to wait. I think in English and mechanical languages and websites think in Geek. I’ll get with you on Tuesday and until then just keep on tokin’.Thnx.