Very happy web hosting customer for about a year. Low traffic blog with no problems.

I am currently hosting email on Gmail with a custom domain for my family and would like to migrate away from that for various reasons. Our requirements include email, calendar and contacts that sync to Outlook and our iPhones/Androids. Does Dreamhost offer such services or just basic imap/pop/squirrelmail?



The default squirrelmail has limited features. But you can install your own squirrelmail. Hope this article helps


Read my post Dreamhost=Spam. Dreamhost’s email is the worst imaginable. You will be murdered with spam and their system does next to nothing about it, no matter how many dozens of hours you spend - as they require - manually inputting, updating, sorting, moving. At the end of it you are still inundated with spam.


Nonsense. It’s not perfect, but better than a lot of Web hosts offer.