Email working not properly


hello everybody,
i’ve got this problem. i created some email accounts but they are not working properly. sometimes it seems like the password is wrong even if type it correct, so it doesn’t let me receive or read emails. i tried both webmail and mail client.
sometimes works and sometimes not. i really don’t know why.

please help me




If it had just been a regular email client (like Outlook, for example), I would’ve said don’t forget to check “My server requires authentication.” However, that wouldn’t cause problems with SquirrelMail.

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Okay. This is weird. I am now having trouble connecting to one of my email addresses also (same problem). Coincidence, or the work of the evil email fairy?

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eheh i dunno. hope someone will fix this cause i need emails working good


Sounds like a problem I am seeing also, I created a few email addresses around 4 hours ago that are still not active.

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I think it’s one of the nameservers playing up: is still using dns records from two days ago; I mentioned it here:

This means that (rougly) one in three attempts to look up any recently altered records will return old data. ISPs will cache these responses, so you don’t get to roll the dice again until that cache expires.

This is probably also the cause of the problems in the recent “site down” thread too. I didn’t raise a ticket before, assuming someone else would have noticed, but perhaps not…


Just after posting the above, I put in a support ticket, and it now seems to be fixed. Have everyone else’s (mail-related) problems disappeared too?


Yeah. All is well with the email universe.

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Not sure if my problems are related to the email issues discussed here or not, but I’ll try here first.

I registered a new domain and set up an email account for it. I can log in webmail and send via webmail, but I cannot receive at that address. All mail sent to it bounces back.

I also cannot complete the setup for Thunderbird with McAfee SpamKiller, it claims the username and password is wrong.

Anything I can try before going to official DH support?


If you’ve only just registered the domain, give it a day or two first for the dns to catch up. Usually worse for moved domains rather than new ones though.

With regard to thunderbird, you probably are using the wrong username and password. For the webmail, your login is your email address; for IMAP/POP/SMTP, it’s your username. If the email address is associated with a shell/ftp user, it’s that username, otherwise it’ll have a username of the form m1234567; - check Mail->“Manage addresses” in the web panel to look it up.


I am using the username (form m1234567) when setting up the mail client. I have other domains that I’ve set up in the past using Thunderbird, but now I just forward most of my email to gmail. I set up this new domain for my husband, and he uses Thunderbird. I’ll give it another day to see if it works, but I just thought it odd I could log into webmail and successfully send a message, but couldn’t reply to it!


Email is working fine now! Thanks for the help though!