Email whitelisting

Heya, folks.

I’m a bit clueless when it comes to configuring email accounts, so perhaps this question has an obvious answer: what would the best way be to set a specific email account to “whitelist only” - that is, to configure it to accept email only from a defined list of senders, and to refuse the rest?


  • Dave.

I can think of two ways.

Setup two mailboxes, and give them “public address” and “private address”. For mailbox “public address” add a keyword filter to forward to “private address” and then configure mailbox “public address” to remove unread messages. Then you just have to login to “private address” to read messages.

The DreamHost Junk Filter implements SpamAssasin and thus when logging into the DreamHost install of Squirrelmail you can modify a whitelist/blacklist.

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