Email when hosted on Squarespace


I tried searching the forum, but couldn’t find a topic that matched. I’m working with a group that has it’s active website hosted by Squarespace. They want emails, but Squarespace charges $5/mo/email and that’s not feasible.

The domain was purchased through Dreamhost so I was hoping to use the email system here. However Dreamhost requires a hosting package for email. I’m fine with that, the cost would be lower than what SS would charge, but I don’t want to disrupt the active site.

Is it possible to host the site at SS and the email on DH?


I have the same situation. Has there been a work around figured out for this?


You would have to ask squarespace that. You can certainly host one service (web hosting) at one place and another service (email) at another place but depends on what kind of information you have because you’ll need to update the DNS records for the domain. You would set up hosting on dreamhost’s side and change DNS to point website to squarespace as long as squarespace allows users to do that.

Also, $5 a month per email is definitely “feasible” to anyone who relies on it for business of communication in general. It’s the same price google charges for their hosted email service.