Email/Webmail Issues


My company uses Dreamhost for bunch of client’s webhosting. This afternoon when logged in we noticed that all of the email addresses loaded into the control panel had lines running through them. Weird. Then tonight I logged in and all of the emails that have been set up for all of our domains have disappeared. Furthermore our employees cannot access their webmail. It errors out. Anyone else experiencing similar issues?



I tried recreating the email addresses and directing them to the old mailboxes which still exist, but the email addresses didn’t hold but 5 minutes and then they disappeared again.

The mailboxes exist, but the aliases keep disappearing, what’s going on?

Update: The email addresses were lined out and a disable button was appearing, when I tried to disable, nothing really happened, the button showed up as disable again, then the email address disappeared…


Weird indeed! I’m dying to know if there was an “enable” or “edit” button available on the screen when you first saw them lined out … it almost sounds as though they were disabled, and then later deleted.

Hopefully, this is not the case, or it is some “glitch” that DH can readily/easily fix. I’m also hoping that some employee using mail on the account did not run afoul of TOS and result in a mail suspension.

I’m wondering if you have another primary email listed besides one of these addresses for DH to contact you in the event of an issue. There have been times when some enforcement/preventative measure has been taken, or some other condition exists, where DH would notify you, via email, of the circumstances but you would not receive that email as the email account they use to notify you is involved in the issue at hand.

One way to make sure that you have not “missed” any vital communication from DH regarding your account because you could/did not receive the email notification (email failure/etc), is to log into the control panel, and go to the Support -> Support History Screen.

Here you will find an “archive” record of all communication between you and DreamHost, including any emails that you, for one reason or another, never received. I would check that first to see if it sheds any light on the issue and, if not (or if they notified you of a problem), I would then Contact Support immediately so they can start to investigate what happened and get it resolved.

Good Luck, and I’d be curious to know what you learn. :wink:



Well, here is your answer:

The post pretty much says it all! :frowning:



Well, here is your answer:

The post pretty much says it all! :frowning:



My problem was a little different. The target addresses for aliases were disappearing. That seems to have been addressed here