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I wish I could do the following.

  1. Keep a copy of all sent emails on the server so I can also have access to them through webmail even if sent from Outlook.

  2. Synchronize squirrelmail calendars and contacts with Outlook.

  3. Set the options for all webmail accounts rather than having to log into each account (presentation, time zone…)


I don’t think you can do those things. At least I haven’t found any solutions.

If you really need them, maybe you want to host your emails elsewhere like Google.

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Most agreed!

With #3, you could actually install your own copy of Squirrelmail in/on your account and set the default options.
It might take a bit of work, but in my opinion it’s worth doing if you have a ton of account settings to change, considering the work load would be about equal.

As to #2 - Unless you can find a Squirrelmail plugin to do this; and again, install Squirrelmail yourself, you won’t be able to do so.

Chips N Cheese - Custom PHP installs and the like!

For #1
I assume you are using imap, and leave mail on the server.
Just bcc yourself when you send a mail.


Thanks Rudy,

I would then have to add a bcc address each time I send a mail and it would not show in my sent items but in my inbox.


I do this. I have all the mails on the server. Use IMAP, it will leave the messages on the server, also sent mails.


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I’ll try it.

Thanks Jan


Thanks. It works after deleting the pop account and creating it again as IMAP account. In Outlook 2007 there is no way to change a pop account into an imap account. You have to create it from scratch.

You then have to change the default folder for sent items and choose the one within the inbox.

Thanks again.

Great! I’m happy to hear that.

I don’t know about Outlook, but in Thunderbird you can create a second account (keep the POP3 account, but be sure to disable checking for new mail on this account) for IMAP and then copy the mails from the old POP account to the new IMAP account. To do that (in Thunderbird) you select all the messages and then drag-and-drop them into the IMAP account inbox. This might also work in Outlook. Then you can delete the POP Account and you’ll have all the old messages in the IMAP folder.


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It’s seems more complicated than what I thought (at least in outlook)

I now have one inbox per imap account. With pop accounts all my incoming mail was downloaded into my one and only inbox. It was easier to see every new message.

Getting confused. I think I’ll get back to POP, leaving my mail on the server for 1 month so I can find it from whichever compute I use.

I somehow solved the problem.

For each mailbox I use both IMAP and POP. Outlook checks both account (leaving messages on the server through pop).

The default account is an IMAP one so it leaves a copy of the sent items on the server.

The trouble is that if I reply to a message from the main Inbox (which gathers pop only) it uses the pop account and there is no copy of the reply on the server.

I’ll now try to set up a default template that includes a bcc to the sender when replying. Don’t know if it’s possible.

It is so much easier in FireFox, but Outlook can do an automatic bcc. See here:
Maybe someone knows an easier way…

Looks like you are getting the functionality you want, just taking a bit more work than you would like.


Thanks for the advice.

I’ve now removed all imap accounts in Outlook. Let’s try the automatic bcc.