Email w/Thunderbird


After some great support from wholly & rlparker, I got Thunderbird to access my DreamHosted webmail. However, I found that I was only able to receive mail. Any mail I sent was promptly bounced back as not being accepted - though I have a

And, after trying to resolve the problem through Thunderbird’s settings, I can’t even access my mail again.

I feel quite dumb. Can anyone offer some advice (besides therapy) and/or recommend a posting that walks one through the email client set-up process?


Thanks for the kind comments about your earlier thread, and I’m sorry to hear that you are having some Thunderbird configuration problems.

I’m happy to help you get those sorted out; Thunderbird works very well with DH.

As a start, have you worked through the Thunderbird information in the DH wiki?



Yep, got myself back to the point where T’bird retrieves my mail, but the sending problem remains. When I hit ‘send’ for an email composed in T’bird to an address I know is good, such as my functioning yahoo address, I get the following message.
The mail server responded: to address: recipient address rejected: Access Denied. Please check the message recipients and try again.

I’m stumped. Any thoughts?
Thank you very much.


MY first thought, given the “opaque” nature of some of Thunderbird’s error messages, is that the “access denied” is probably more the problem than the “address” (though I could be wrong). :wink:

Usually, sending with Thunderbird fails because of some misconfiguration that is related to your ISP (such as it blocking port 25). Have you tried changing the SMTP port to 587?



‘Opaque’ - you’re more than polite. On my Mac, Thunderbird defaults to port 110. I tried specifying port 587 with the same result. I’m scanning the Thunderbird Knowledge Base and hoping someone will chime in.

Thanks for your efforts.



That may be part of your problem; we are talking about two different ports here.

Port 110 is what should be used for POP/IMAP receiving, and you should not change that (the default is fine).

It is the port for SMTP (sending) which your ISP may require be changed from the default of port 25 to port 587.




You have again proven the power of the DH Discussion Forum. I was getting so frustrated that I was preparing to advertise for (paid) assistance through Craigs List when I saw your response. The clarity of your responses and your patience paid off. Thank you, thank you.



You are most welcome, and I’m hoping that your last message means that you now have Thunderbird “up and working.”

I’m sorry it took three days to get it all sorted. :wink: