Email virus scanning

We’re getting quite a few Word Macro-virus infected files sent to one of our clients, a Dreamhost user. My coworkers are certain that Dreamhost does some sort of virus scanning when the junk filter is enabled, but when I went looking for information or settings I haven’t found anything.

Searching the forums and wiki for “virus” doesn’t lead to anything related to this (desired) feature.

The wiki post at!_Junk_Mail_Filter
does mention an Anti-Virus filter:
"If, however, a piece of email gets caught by either the Anti-Virus filter or by SpamAssasin, it’ll get put in a special database. You can see messages that have been caught by logging into Webmail.

How does one configure this, or is this something planned that never came to be?



My mail headers show that my messages are getting scanned for viruses:
X-DH-Virus-Scanned: by amavisd-new-20030616-p10 (Debian) at deathwish


thanks scott, that’s interesting–like to know still what’s been scanned for and if there are any settings accessible to me–ideally I’d like to quarantine (or, even better, disinfect) virus-laden attachments, in this case particularly Word Macro viruses (we are a Mac shop, so most of these don’t do much except infect normal, nag you, and make it hard to send on to companies who do have a anti-virus filter on their email.

Yes, we could buy a copy of Norton AV or Virex for these stations, but in my experience having these invasive programs installed on your Mac is nearly as bad as actually having a virus.