Email username

in order for me to be able to pull down mail at i
have to use m6817039 as my username.

i have tried and simply wm

neither of these would work without errors.

Thanks in advance,

William Donnell

no, you have to use the m**** user name to connect to the SMTP server. As I reacal DH has made it possible to use with IMAP though.

When you go to log in via webmail, you will use your E-mail address, so you don’t need to memorize that M*** thingy.


well, so far this seems to be my only complaint with dreamhost. not really sure why you can’t just use the entire email address to access pop3 like everyother host i have used.
I tried setting up an account on outlook using IMAP and it crashed outlook on 2 diff machines. so i don’t think that is going to work. :frowning:


I doubt that’s why things are crashing…

But anyway, most accounts these days come with loads of “regular” (shell / ftp) usernames, all of which come with a corresponding mail account. So it’s technically possible to avoid the mxxxxxx usernames unless you have a gazillion mailboxes.