Email User


I created a new email user today for my domain and I can not log into the account from the webmail interface. Do you log on with the email name or the auto-assigned name? It would be pretty useless if you had to remember the auto assigned name rather than the alias. Any help is greatly appreciated.

You should log in with the e-mail address that is assigned to the mailbox.

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The failure may be due just to the creation not yet having been processed. It can take up to five hours. You’ll know, when you receive a “DreamHost Mail Account Activated” message.

And yes as Torben says, webmail login goes by alias but be sure NOT to use mailbox name - here I found this logs me into someone else’s mailbox! And the webmail display doesn’t say which it is logged into, leaving you to e.g. delete messages without realising you are doing damage.