Email Upgrades Are On The Way



Hello, DreamHosters!

We know our email service hasn’t met your expectations lately. Slow connections. IMAP errors. Webmail timeouts. One customer summarized: “Email has been total crap.” Ouch, man. The truth hurts. But we’re here to fix it.

What’s the problem? Basically, we are reaching the limits of the existing hardware. With more of our lives happening online, customers now expect to store all of their email, forever. Inboxes have become digital filing cabinets that need to be accessible from all your devices, all the time.

What’s the solution? New, faster hardware! Our Portland data center has received some major upgrades, with brand new email clusters that will make DreamHost email more stable, more reliable, and more secure than before.

This month, DreamHost will begin upgrading your email experience by migrating accounts to these new, faster servers. Some of you have already received a notification about your upcoming migration window. But even if you’re not in the first group to move, the existing servers will start to run more smoothly as more accounts are offloaded to the new location.

How long until everyone is migrated? Well… that’s complicated. Transferring terabytes of data takes time. But when that data is spread across a bazillion tiny email files, it can take much longer. Small changes in efficiency cause transfer estimates to jump by orders of magnitude. We’re aiming to get everyone moved ASAP, but our engineers will have a more accurate estimate after the first few rounds of migrations.

We’ll keep you informed during the process with a series of scheduling notifications sent to your account’s primary email address. (You can verify and update your contact info here: The DreamHost Knowledgebase has a new article with technical details about the project, including some some email client settings you can check ahead of time:

We’re excited to improve everyone’s email with these upgrades, and to roll out some new features on all that sweet newly capable hardware. Thanks for bearing with us through this – it’ll be worth it!

  • The DreamHost Email Upgrade Team