Email Upgrades Are On The Way

Hello, DreamHosters!

We know our email service hasn’t met your expectations lately. Slow connections. IMAP errors. Webmail timeouts. One customer summarized: “Email has been total crap.” Ouch, man. The truth hurts. But we’re here to fix it.

What’s the problem? Basically, we are reaching the limits of the existing hardware. With more of our lives happening online, customers now expect to store all of their email, forever. Inboxes have become digital filing cabinets that need to be accessible from all your devices, all the time.

What’s the solution? New, faster hardware! Our Portland data center has received some major upgrades, with brand new email clusters that will make DreamHost email more stable, more reliable, and more secure than before.

This month, DreamHost will begin upgrading your email experience by migrating accounts to these new, faster servers. Some of you have already received a notification about your upcoming migration window. But even if you’re not in the first group to move, the existing servers will start to run more smoothly as more accounts are offloaded to the new location.

How long until everyone is migrated? Well… that’s complicated. Transferring terabytes of data takes time. But when that data is spread across a bazillion tiny email files, it can take much longer. Small changes in efficiency cause transfer estimates to jump by orders of magnitude. We’re aiming to get everyone moved ASAP, but our engineers will have a more accurate estimate after the first few rounds of migrations.

We’ll keep you informed during the process with a series of scheduling notifications sent to your account’s primary email address. (You can verify and update your contact info here: The DreamHost Knowledgebase has a new article with technical details about the project, including some some email client settings you can check ahead of time:

We’re excited to improve everyone’s email with these upgrades, and to roll out some new features on all that sweet newly capable hardware. Thanks for bearing with us through this – it’ll be worth it!

  • The DreamHost Email Upgrade Team

Your claim of recent problems with DreamHost email is completely BOGUS! It has been horrible ever since you forced us to use it. It takes me 3-4 times as long to do anything in the email – login failed, just spins without showing anything, it fails trying to send an email with “unable to store in Sent” (but doesn’t say if it was actually sent), every few days it comes up with new bugs, it resets my email settings without notice (I compose a long email, and it doesn’t save it even though I ask for saving a draft … the whole effort is lost!)

My website is on DreamHost, and I use the email to communicate with customers.


… a very dissatisfied client


Hi lee,

We understand your how you feel and we hope that these changes will soon be in place to alleviate some of the issues you are experiencing. We are rolling these improvements in the very very near future.


Is this why my webmail is basically inaccessible for the second weekday in a row? It’s very frustrating. It’s hard to recommend DreamHost to people when I have to tell them to switch to my gmail address (again) because I can’t access webmail.


This has been a horrible! I lost a client today because they have had issues with their e-mail since last Thursday. I’m very very very disappointed with Dreamhost.


I assume that DreamHost can anticipate when email hardware is approaching its limits. Is this true? Sincere question.

Your customers suffer downtime, poor performance, and embarrassment in front of clients/customers, because DreamHost won’t proactively manage infrastructure. I guess it saves you money? Certainly doesn’t save you time, stress, or help your reputation or client turnover.

I’m a loyal Dreamhost customer, but this outage has hit me at a very inconvenient time when I really needed dependable webmail (due to lengthy local computer issues) and DreamHost is completely unable to provide a service I’ve paid for.

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hope soon whe got a fix, its been a poor service, space and limits dont matter when the thinks dont work well whe are losing clients, money and reputation

Sub4 is close to dead today and due to the way certificates have been handled my users are all pointing at sub4 rather than my domain mail server FQDN. I am not going to be happy if I have to get to my users and get them moved over on all there devices.

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Yeah, this is pretty bad guys. I appreciate that you all knew that the email systems were seriously due for an upgrade, but you really should have planned it better and more behind the scenes so it wouldn’t disrupt service like this. I haven’t been able to get into my two most critical accounts for the last few hours, and that’s unacceptable. Please get things working again soon.

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My client which uses your service is led to believe sub4 should be working since you’ve removed the troubled status from I can’t even log into webmail, perhaps you should restore the service interruption while you attempt to fix your issue.

It most certainly is not “Operational”

Furthermore, the window looks like it’s set for a month. I hope you do not expect us to sit without email for that time.


I have had nothing but trouble with my email-- across multiple domains --for months. So far today, I can’t even log into my primary email account! (It won’t accept the same login info as always.)

It’s always doing stuff like this; it’ll say it’s the wrong password and then just magically work the third or fourth time (And I’m not entering this, it’s saved in my bloody browser!!!) or I’ll try to view a message, and it throws an error and I’ll have to log back in, and it takes multiple tries to view the same email message… It’s impossible to deal with.

It’s only gotten about a hundred times worse since I was forced to migrate from Squirrelmail to RoundSquare or whatever the heck it’s called. (It can’t even view my old messages folders because they’re too large, despite the fact I split them up by year!)

I cannot use a standalone email client for a number of reasons, but the webmail is becoming increasingly unusable.


The problem isn’t just with webmail. In the last week we have had some accounts give “Internal Login Failure” messages and worse one account that appears to be sending messages into thin air - messages sent but never received and no indication of a problem. Basically since the upgrades we have had problems that never existed before. Reliable email is essential and it is anything but at the moment.

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Is our email even being delivered during this outage, or is it bouncing? Nobody at Dreamhost is responding to basic account questions via the panel, these forums, Twitter, etc.

My email has been down since April 18, and I can’t even get anyone to tell me what the ETA is. I can’t even take my account and run, because I don’t want to lose 6 days of email if I can help it.

I’d like to know why this isn’t being reported as an outage, when it’s going to be fixed, and what’s going to be done to compensate your customers for these losses.


We need a solution now!! i have problems today with webmail and IMAP server again.
Somebody knows a better hosting than Dreamhost?? I’m thinking about changing company, I accept suggestions.


I have all my clients calling me what happens, I been a loyal to Dreamhost all the time but if you cant fix this asap. I will move to another service asap. whats the response to this? what am I going to tell the clients? the emails have been a bad really bad service.


Most impressive is none reply ! We are paying for this service, having troubles with customers and DreamHost do not write anything here or in DreamHost Status.


The most excellent - I’ve been unable to fully access my accounts on dreamhost for several days, anything with an attachment doesn’t load and when i try to access via web portal I am denied log on.

Conveniently chat support is doing training today…

Live Chat Unavailable Tuesday, April 24, 5:30 AM to Wednesday, April 25, 5:30 AM PDT (24 Hours)Maintenance
April 24, 2018 5:30AM - April 25, 2018 5:30AM PDT

Live Chat


Description Our Live Chat support system will be unavailable starting Tuesday, April 24, 2018, from 5:30 AM to 5:30 AM (the following morning, 24 hours). We will be involving our support staff in our start of year team meeting. We’ll be taking a company-wide look back on the previous year to discuss our performance and improvements moving forward. Our aim is to offer the best service possible and we feel these changes will only help to improve our Live Chat team’s performance

Email support operations will still be available should you need to get in touch with us. We will resume normal Live Chat operations at 5:30 AM PDT the next morning, Wednesday, April 25. Thank you for your patience and understanding. As always, email support will still be available. Please contact support if you have an issue.

Lol, Dreamhost team is having their “start_of_year team meeting?” Start of year? April 24? That sure does reveal a lot, when most public companies are having earnings calls to review the first quarter wrapped up and done, DH is only now getting around to reviewing last year. Perhaps they saw their shadow and along with Punxsutawney Phil went back into hibernation for another 6 weeks…

I’m an 18 year customer albeit low volume user.
“Account Started On: 2000-03-22.”


Wow, this is painful! Kinda hard to run a business without email…yeah mine and many many of my clients. It’s downright embarrassing, since I recommended DreamHost.

Please give us a status update, and HURRY to fix this. It’s not very fun getting texts and phone calls all day with people complaining about their email and I can’t do anything about it.