Email update?

Can someone at Dreamhost please provide an update on the email situation? There has been no official update since Tuesday afternoon!
(crickets chirping. An sudden guest of wind blows a candy wrapper along the street. Somewhere in the distance, a dog howls.)

Hello there,

Our teams dedicated to working on the filer still having issues continue to tackle the issues we are noticing. Unfortunately, the maintenance we are doing is taking longer than expected and we apologize for the inconvenience and frustration this is causing those affected by the problem. They will continue to post updates here:

Matt C

What EXACTLY is going on Matt? The lack of communication is UNACCEPTABLE. I have two email accounts which have been completely non-functional for days and no response back. NightmareHost claims a response within 24 hours, but it is over 3 days now and nothing. This is causing serious problems and make your company look like clowns, the non-funny kind of clowns.

I have to agree with Kemasa.

The less I’m hearing, the more I think you’re afraid to admit how fragile the system setup is.

If there a fire that took out a room, then tell us.

But even SO, there should be some plan in place to get people up and receiving emails in 24 hours, with a further amount of time given to restore corrupted email files via RAID 5 discs, etc.

But get us back up and running. Even if you made monthly account backups that you could quickly restore to get people receiving email.

The webs are working fine, but now I’m worried about them because this reflects on very poor admin decisions.

Having been with Dreamhost for over 7 years, the only thing I can remember not breaking down is their billing system.


Lol. :wink:

Hmmm… you must not know of the great “Um, Whoops” billing script error of 2008.

Here’s an excerpt:

"We had a teensy eensy weensy little billing error last night… my first clue something was up when I saw this morning’s daily billing report (so far): $7,500,000.

It turns out due to my excessively fat fingers, nearly every one of our customers has been seriously over-billed in the last 12 hours."

Ah well yes that was around a year before I joined. And I suppose DH might say it wasn’t broken, “just” over-charging by a mega-load! No doubt the billing systems are now extra-specially covered by being on an ipad with more memory than usual :slight_smile: