Email unreliable


Anyone else having time-out issues and an overall unreliable email environment?

I can’t send emails and I am not recieving “test” emails I sent from other accounts.

Pretty disappointed in the level of service, specificaly in regards to email performance.


Yes, outgoing email has been timing out for us all morning. Usually, this problem comes and goes, but today it’s been consistently timing out. Very frustrating, not to mention potentially costly for our company.


Yes, I have been having email problems as well for weeks.

Today 11/14/05 is especially bad, I have not been able to send emails all morning.

It will end up costing us money.


Not only are we having trouble sending email today, but clients are now calling us to say that email they’re sending us is getting bounced back.

When will we have reliable email???


I’m also having trouble – I’m unable to send anything today. Over the past month or two, problems have been sporadic, that is it’ll try to send, it will give me an error, and upon a retry it will send.

For the record, I’m on mac os x 10.4.3
using: version 2.0.5 (746/746.2)


“Over the past month or two, problems have been sporadic, that is it’ll try to send, it will give me an error, and upon a retry it will send.”

I’ve been having the EXACT same problems.


Has anyone heard anything from support on this matter?


“Has anyone heard anything from support on this matter?”

Yes, I have, however I don’t find the responses very comforting:

"I have restarted DNS service which is usually the cause of connections
errors with email as your email server if up and running. Please try
again and let us know if you continue to have problems.


and then shortly after I recieved this:

“There are some DNS issues that are causing the email to have intermittent
problems. The admins are working on the issues today so hopefully we have
a final and long lasting resolution soon. Let me know if you have any
more questions. We’re sorry for any inconviences and appreciate your
patience. Thank you for hosting with Dreamhost.


Thanks lagreca. Webmail is down for my domain as well. Anyone else?


having problems too. i can access my mail administration page, but logging in the frontend throws up an error of username password incorrect…


i have been troubles with emails for a while

first i cant an account on my second domain to login no matter how many times i have deleted and recreated themail box.

after that i began to have imap problems, where it did now how me that i have new emails, it shows in my webmail for fluffs sakes

NOW it cant even connect to my IMAP account.


I have also had email problems this evening. I hope it gets fixed soon.