Email unreliable


I am finding that daily email use is unreliable and spotty.

Anyone else having similar issues?


I forward all mail to - they filter out all the crap and you can access from anywhere or read into outlook etc.

spamcop is very reliable. It’s about $35/year.

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I am having the same issues with no solution for weeks.


This has become a chronic issue with DH. To the point of ultimate frustration. I have been emailing them frequently about the erratic (monthly) problems. And frankly, I don’t care what the issue is… I just want them to fix it… and fix it just a bit more permanently. Today’s outage is a perfect example of what goes wrong. Yesterday, webmail was spotty… throwing errors about dropped connections to the IMAP server. And today calamity strikes. Every time there is a bona-fide outage, it is presaged by a day of spotty connectivity. Don’t THEY suffer these problems with their own mail?

I just got an email stating they have SOLVED today’s problem… however the error messages I’m still seeing indicate an alternate conclusion. Come on DH… I thought you were better than the rest.


< This mornings mail problems. (Downtime)

Posted: Nov 15th, 2005 - 08:17:32 AM PST (1 hour 22 mins ago)

This morning we had some problems with a primary mail server that controls IMAP / POP / SMTP
(incoming/outgoing email) . You are receiving this email now because one of your mailboxes is
hosted on that server. The cause of the outage was due to a MySQL server failure and the problem
has been corrected as of about twenty minutes ago. We sincerely apologize for this unexpected
outage and we do have a team that is specifically working on improving our mail service.

  • Your Dreamhost Mail Database Fixing Team>


<Please accept our apologies for the delayed response as well as ongoing email issues. We are working diligently to resolve all email issues by introducing more robust machines. With the recent growth spurt, which caught us offguard, we’ve been dealing with several unseen problems. I’d like to say that your problems are all fixed now, but the last two days have sprouted more issues that our admins are addressing currently. We thank your for your patience and ask for your understanding while we beef
the system up. If you are still having problems, please do not hesitate
to let us know.>

I cannot begin to tell you how irritated these messages make me on soo many levels…

First off, it is clearly NOT FIXED and I really wish the tree huggers would at least wait until a problem is resolved before pulling a bushie claiming to be victorious a wee bit too early…

Secondly, how is it that an adequate sized business such as DreamHost consistently fails at handling “growth spurts”??! Do they have no vision at all?? I am far from a genious (closer to a moron;) and even I told my brother the minute after DHs recent “unlimited domains/subdomains” hosting event that they were going to experience significant difficulties with their e-mail handling services if they were ill prepared to handle this growth…Sure enough, the email servers began going down…It doesn’t take a crystal ball, folks, simply some basic preparatory planning. I am sorry for the vent, but, it is time for DH to grow up and start acting like a business.



I experienced a minor problem with my outgoing mail server (SMTP) yesterday, but there has been nothing wrong today. I don’t know why some people (usually the same people) have so many problems, whereas others have hardly any.

You complain about the service at DreamHost all the time, yet you are still here. If you really feel that the service is patchy and inadequate, why don’t you make a business decision and get hosting elsewhere?

Simon Jessey
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And conversely, it’s usually the same exact people who are DH apologists when something goes wrong. They claim that everything is peachy in the face of mounting issues that everybody else is having to deal with.

We have customers/clients/patrons too.


And then there are others of us who, while concerned with the recent increase in growth and the problems that have accompanied that growth, have “been there, done that” with a slew of other providers.

Our comments in support of DH are often mis-construed as being of the “apologist” nature, when we are really trying to say that our experience with DH has been far more good than bad, rough times have come (and gone) before, and we still believe that, warts and all, DH is the best deal going if you do not grow your own money…

but we usually just don’t say anything at all as these types of threads seem to deteriorate pretty rapidly :wink:



I would love to see DH’s stats on problem resolution re user error vs DH error vs whatever else, by week, by amount of complaining the person did, and by severity.

For every whiner there are many of us who are happy and keep quiet. The stats might make this more objective than just my silly opinion :slight_smile:

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Was there another email problem today? i seem to have missed a couple of emails.


I too find email (both POP and SMTP service) unreliable. Now, to avoid misunderstandings, I’m NOT talking about spam, so please leave SPamCop related replies for some other thread.

I might not understand the things correctly, but what is the purpose of 3 mail servers, when the mail sent my address sometimes gets bounced, because the mail server was down ??!?
What’s the purpose of having 2 backup mailservers in the same data centre ?!? What happens in the case of network outages - email sent to me gets bounced ??

Can you guys from DH increase the prices, or reduce the number of hosted domains ?

Bolé _ Bozidar Mladenovic Web Design & Development, Singapore


The level of service from dreamhost – always a little spotty, with an outage every month or so – has plunged to genuinely awful levels. I’m now into my third week of frequent, near-daily email outages. Nothing gets fixed permanently.

Now looking for a good, reliable alternative, even if they’re not as cheap as dreamhost. Anyone found something easy to switch to?


Email for us is once again down this morning. Can’t send or retreive.

At least it’s not bouncing incoming messages (just tested that).

  • Roach


hmmm, I don’t send my email through DH. Only recieve to multiple addresses and aliases

Generally, unless DH is having widespread problems (like the router issue last week) email seems very reliable


I concur herr artgeek

I’ve been checking (at minimum) 2 mailboxes for 5 years. Into these 2 mailboxes come mail from maybe a hundred forwarders (webmaster@ postmaster@ etc) from different Dreamhost accounts. Of the accounts I get the forwarders from, I have clients who are checking up to 20 mailboxes per business, most only one or 2 boxes, but one has around 20.

I’ve never had consistent mail outtages, nor have my clients complained of such, it’s always been very reliable. As much so or better than my ISP’s service (SBC).

All that to say that these problems are not typical and I hope you that have constant problems are able to get things sorted out!



I wish you hadn’t said that. I was looking forward to setting up an account here and now you’re making me nervous.