Email troubleshooting (Long post)

Good morning all.

I’m using this to vent. I’ve already emailed support, but something is still wrong; just don’t know what. I’m going to describe the problem here; how I’d expect it to work; and what its doing. Then I’m going to clear my mind and take wedding pics.

I have multiple domains. When I bought my last domain, I forwarded all email * to Works great. But now I want to get it working right.

When I’d be “on the road” I’d login to Squirrelmail the only way I could get it to work.
It’d show all my email in one big bucket.
When I’d send email from Outlook Express it’d show (the email address I want people to use); which confused the people I emailed. Depending on where I’d send it from it’d show 2 email address; oh, which to use. Of course, under blind alias I’d still get it no matter what they typed. Just confusing to users.

Here’s what I thought I’d need to do to fix it. Under mail, created a physical mailbox. m1111111 lets call it. I set up an alias that said goes to m1111111. When I couldn’t gain access to that mailbox via squirrelmail, I got concerned that I’d lose mail. So I added that email also went to Works fine. Just puts it in the big bucket like always.

When I still couldn’t access my new mailbox with squirrelmail after it showed active, I emailed support.

The reply said its fine; you can use the unmemorable m111111 or the alias to check my mail. I replied back that m111111 failed invalid username/password. And that an alias login failed also. (How would it know an alias password anyway, I asked?) I could use m1111111 with my original password when I signed up with my original username; it wasn’t using the password that I said I wanted m1111111 to use. But even then, every email would show instead of m1111111’s only.

No reply since from support, but I noticed that when I sent email to myself from squirrelmail this morning, it said my reply address was; ugh. But I found the option that let me set a reply address in squirrelmail. So that fixed my first problem and would have been all I needed to do to fix the situation in the first place.

But, it does not keep my email separate. I want to go to physical pop box 1. to go to physical pop box 2. to go to physical pop box 3.
so I’m not having to wade through hundreds of emails in a generic box. And when I log in to pop box 3 via squirrelmail, thats what I want to see and only what I want to see. (Of course I haven’t set up physical pop box 2 or 3, etc yet; need to get 1 working first.)

This is precisely how I’ve set it up before at an ISP where I worked and I’m confused how it could work any other way.