Email troubles

I checked my squirrel mail the other day and I had hundreds of messages, all of which were from the postmasters, system administrators, mail delivery systems from various dot.coms. And they are all delivery failure notices. Does anyone know what the hell is going on? I have never heard of these places, let alone sent emails to them. I am getting about 50 of these a day.


Ummm…maybe you have a virus on your computer that is sending spam mail out and you are getting the bounces back?

Also, be aware that some “postmaster bounces” are actually virii in disguise. I forget the virus, but it’s an old one. Check Norton’s site.

BTW, never have your email set to preview in your email client. Bad thing to do as it auto-installs certain virus emails.

Thinking on it, we had something happen similar to this a few years back on a client’s network. What had happened was that another company had a virus on their system, and their mailer was sending literally tens of thousands of emails out. Our client got over 3000 in a few hours from them just because one of his email addresses was in their email database.

Otherwise, I haven’t a clue.

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Just to follow up…

I emailed support about my problem and the guy (Jeff, I think) said that it looked like someone was using my site to send spam. He told me to delete my email aliases. So I did and the problem seems to be fixed. I haven’t gotten any more of the delivery failure notices since early yesterday. So, fingers crossed…

BTW: thanks for the help everyone!