Email Trouble

I’ve set up a couple of e-mail address front end (outlook express) and the back end (dream host) for a cliente of mine. For some reason these new addresses are not able to send to aol email addresses. I have never experienced this problem and do not know how to fix it…
Does anyone have experience in this area?
Thank you,

Have you checked the spam folder on aol?

Have you set up a Postmaster mail account? I have not seen that help though.

Sometimes aol just takes hours to receive mail from the internet.

If you figure it out, please share.

Some ISP’s have started to check for spf records in domain records, and if they are not there, treating the emails as spam.
If you are not up on spf records you can check your domain through and towards the bottom of the table you will see a reference to your spf record plus a link to an spf information site