Email transformation. ;)

how would I go about making an email pointer (forwarding alias) into a full-fledged mail box (actual email).

so, let’s say I have: (mailbox) (pointer to

into this: (mailbox) (mailbox)

without loosing any incoming mail to (incoming email); is there a way to do this without removing and then readding the alias as an email address? if not, what’s the approximate time gap from the point of removing the alias, and then readding it as a mailbox. I know it takes some time for the system to release it into “the wild”. Need this to reorganize my email structure after the magical upgrade to the mail system we recently had. :slight_smile:


The safest thing would be to create the new mailbox (, verify that it was working, and then switch the alias to forward to the mailbox.

Alternatively, you could setup a catch-all address temporarily. Then when you delete, any mail that might get sent to that address would be received by the catch-all instead. You can then forward it to when the switch is done.

Whether deleting and re-adding the address as a full mailbox would lose mail depends on how DH operates behind the scenes. It’s possible that DH support could do this in a way that doesn’t lose mail.